Compare Maxis & Digi iPhone 4 Plans and Why You Should Choose Which Telco

Comparison made by DiGi.  Click here to see enlarged version.

Maxis launched the iPhone 4 in spectacular fashion hours before DiGi did, and many of you are now probably contemplating on which plan is the better. Well, here's a simple conclusion on which is the best.

Maxis Launches iPhone 4 iData & iValue Plans

It seems that the race for who will get the bigger share of the new iPhone 4 in Malaysia is heating up with Maxis releasing their iValue and iData plans for the iPhone 4 well ahead of their sole rival, Digi. I believe that Maxis aims to capitalize on those who are impatient in getting Apple's well promoted smart phone, hence leaving DiGi to the customers which are more patient in comparing Maxis and Digi iPhone 4 plans.

iPhone 4 DiGi Launch in Malaysia

The latest iPhone, which is the iPhone 4 is slated to be released by DiGi next week.  According to an email from the telecommunication company, data plans on the new phone will be also released next week, and those which have stated their interest will be the first to know more about the launch, the price and the DiGi package details.