The DiGI iPhone Package

Apple iPhone enthusiast are all abuzz with Digi's latest advancement in making themselves an authorized dealer for the Apple iPhone. Most are very keen that Digi will offer much more value for better service, hence at the same time making Maxis iPhone deals seem a little wee bit expensive than ever. Well, their expectations were right, when this leaked information on Digi's iPhone package was released yesterday, with a direct comparison with Maxis iPhone package.

As you can notice, Digi is offering what Maxis is offering at double the price, and they are also offering the iPhone for a 24 month loan period for selected credit cards. This automatically makes the iPhone very much affordable to many.

Digi's official site has yet to release any pricing details officially, but the site now states that the iPhone will be made available for those whom have pre-ordered, while other users can get the iPhone from selected Digi Service Store after 3 April 2010 with limited stocks made available although I believe stocks will be made available through the year.. According to the FAQ, Digi is only offering the iPhone with contract, and to Digi customers. With that said, who want to enjoy the Digi iPhone package has to sign up with Digi.

UniFi - Malaysian High Speed Broadband Project

UniFi was launched by Malaysian PM last night in an event which was not really high-tech. According to TM, UniFi will enable its users to do multiple things over the internet with speeds starting from 10mbps which is double what Streamyx and other 3G networks are offering.

The standard package differs in two major things only, which is the upload and download speed, and the maximum download cap. According to TM, once a user exceeds the maximum download cap, speeds will be throttled to about 10% of their initial subscribed speed. This move isn't shocking since most mobile operators whom also offer mobile broadband have implemented such cap for their services.

UniFi is available for both business and home users with the cheapest package coming at RM149 per month with a download speed of 10mbps, and the fastest coming at 20mbps at RM899 per month. All home packages come with free calls to TM home lines, a cordless phone, free premise gateway, dynamic ip, free email and a list of internet media. (photo below)

Business consumers on the other hand will be provided with a cheaper call plan, fixed IP and 10GB free hosting services to name a few. (photo below)

With such expensive prices on the offering, it may be a wonder how many are willing to commit to UniFi. This largely comes as many will feel that UniFi is more expensive than WiMax provider P1. More info on UniFi can be obtained here.

Have you tried Google Reader - Play?

Google decided to introduce something different with their normal reader, and they call it Google Reader Play. Check out the screen shots below:

Google reader play is a new way to browse interesting stuff over the web, and I must be honest: I am impressed! According to the release, Google Reader Play enables you to look at:
  • The most popular items on the web
  • Items that several of your friends have shared
  • Other great stuff we think you'll enjoy, based on your Reader Play history
And for this effort, users have given them 4 stars out of 131 votes (as f this post). A gick glance might remind you of the now famous Tumblr blog, but this new reader is more for sharing and rating, than re-bloging. Either way, Google Reader Play loads super fast and seems to move without much problems. Try it.


Malaysian premier tech site, Lowyat recently released a warning about KOOBFACE, a worm which had hit Facebook in 2008. For those unfamiliar with KOOBFACE, here's a brief explanation taken from the site on how the worm works:

1. Users on infected computer uses Facebook.

2. Koobface then deliver a fake message to the user's Facebook friends.

3. The message contains a link that points to a external website, who would prompt the visitors to download a file that claims to be an update for Adobe Flash player.

4. Once the file is downloaded and executed, the Koobface worm will then infects the said PC.

5. The cycle repeats.

According to the report, the worm would download malwares and block access for users to certain security sites while at the same time opening a back door to enable attackers to take over the users PC. The worm is also said to have variants in other social networking sites such as Friendster and also Myspace, so it would be greatly advised not to be extra careful when you click on any external links on these sites.

Twitter Introduce @anywhere

CNET reported that Twitter launched it's latest integrated platform which is known as @Anywhere which is a way to pull Twitter links and data onto partner sites and media outlets.

In layman's words, this means that the platform @anywhere will help users show Twitter information with a mouse-over, let readers or users connect with their Twitter accounts much like Facebook Connect, or explore more specific possibilities, like instantly following a newspaper columnist's Twitter account by clicking on his or her byline. In other words, it will increase ease of finding and connecting with others.

A quick check on my private Twitter account, as well as my other followers revealed that Twitter has yet to implement this new platform, but I do expect it to be introduced worldwide soon. With ease of connection, I feel that we might be looking at more Twitpeeps soon.

Streamyx Block Buster Deals

Streamyx is coming up with tonnes of promotions to maintain their share of the huge untapped broadband market in Malaysia. They introduced the COMBO package in 2009, and this year, the Block Buster Deals was introduced.

If you are one of the many Streamyx customers which had previously changed to Streamyx COMBO, then prepare to be disappointed because the new Streamyx Block Buster Deals (BBD) are better and far cheaper.

A quick glance of the package will easily mistaken you with the COMBO package as the price is similar, and there doesn't seem to be much of a difference. however, a closer look will reveal that the call rate are cheaper, and you can actually save another RM10 a similar package.

Get the Streamyx COMBO for 512kbps + the add-on Pakej RM10(for free local national and local calls, and RM0.30 to mobile numbers), and you end up paying RM100 per month.
The new Streamyx BBD, and you pay RM90 only, with lower calls to mobile numbers.

Regardless of that, the new BBD packaged isn't for those interested in the 384kbps speed as Streamyx has decided to do away with the unlimited internet use for this speed. The previous COMBO deals featured the unlimited usage of the 384kbps internet speed at RM60, but with the discontinuation of such package, budget Streamyx broadband users will have to go for the RM20 for 10 hours usage.

More information on Streamyx BBD can be seen in the image below:

And if you are wondering about the catch of the BBD package, then I have to disappoint you because as you noticed, the terms and conditions which are stated in small fine print letters below the package details are just too blurred out to even recognize, and what more say to read. Nonetheless, you could call 100 for more details on the package.


DiGi has allowed interested iPhone users to pre-order the phone with them since yesterday. Interested iPhone users can fill out the form here, and decide whether they would want to collect the iPhone during it's official launch which will be held in Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. All 3 types of iPhones are in the offering and customers whom have pre-ordered are assured of priority when the iPhone is released by DiGi at the road shows.

The sell of the iPhone by DiGi signals better options for telecommunication consumers whom had previously had to bow to Maxis shall they want to use the iPhone due to Maxis having the only right and monopoly over the sell of iPhones in Malaysia. Knowing DiGi's fantastic promotions on new products, it would be very interesting to see how low DiGi does plan to sell the iPhone to their customers.

DiGi which just recently launched it's 3G services in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Ipoh, Penang and Kota Kinabalu boast of its faster 3G Turbo network against Celcom and Maxis 3G networks. They are also the only company offering 700kbps download speed for their broadband at the cheapest rate in Malaysia and users of the iPhone stand to benefit more due to this. Regardless of that, DiGi's main weakness in the telecommunication segment of Malaysia remains at it's least widespread coverage among the 3 other mobile telecommunication giants, namely Celcom and Maxis.