iPad 2 New Features

The iPad 2 is getting a lot of attention, and it's all thanks to the following featured:

  1. It's THINNER by 33%.  That makes it easier for you to bring around!
  2. It's FASTER with 2xA5 chips.  This means you get double the time you need to process data in comparison to the first iPad.
  3. TWO CAMERAS makes internet calls much easier.  It's not my favorite feature, but those loving internet calls would love this!
  4. SMART COVER will make the iPad 2 wake up when a magnetic enclosure is lifted, and it will otherwise when the enclosure is closed. This means battery is saved.
  5. 10 HOURS battery life span would make it one of the most portable tablets available in the market.
  6. Of course it's made LIGHTER for you to bring around.
  7. It's an APPLE product. Need to say more?

Acer & Samsung ChromeBook Specification Comparison

ChromeBook is getting very interesting with two major brands already being part of the next generation 'laptop'. ACER and Samsung have both been given the opportunity by Google to be part of Chromebooks, and from the likes of it, they both look awesomely stunning and weighing light. Both ChromeBooks run on Intel Atom, but Samsung seems to have the bigger screen size. As known, Chromebooks do not come with any hard disk or optical drives.  Here is the specification comparison for both ChromeBooks as released.  The ones in red are the difference.

7 Things That Make ChromeBooks Different

Google's ChromeBook is well anticipated by many as many believe it will be as successful as Google's smartphone OS, Android. Here are the 7 things that make ChromeBook different from the rest:
  1. Instant Web - Google has promised that the boot time will be not more than 8 seconds!  That's faster than most rivals!
  2. Always Connected - After the 8 second boot, ChromeBook would automatically connect you to the internet.  How cool is that? No more searching for those 'activate WiFi' buttons!
  3. Cloud Storage - While conventional OS stores your documents on your PC, ChromeBook will utilize cloud storage, which basically means you can retrieve your private documents just by logging into your account from another!  Say goodbye to those 'unreliable' thumb drives!!
  4. Amazing Web Apps - Just like Android and smartphones, ChromeBook will soon have thousands of Apps and games ready to be downloaded for your use.  Angry Birds anyone?
  5. Multi-user Is Allowed - Share your ChromeBook experience with friends, and do not have to risk your own data leaked while you do.  The best part is, you can also get your own data from the cloud storage provided!
  6. Auto Updates - ChromeBook will update itself automatically without you being prompted.  Whether this move is good would soon be known, but it does remove those annoying 'Please update your OS/divers' prompts.
  7. Built In Security - With multiple layers of protection, ChromeBook will be practically safer than others, and plus with it being a open source OS (as I heard for now), who'd want to build viruses against it?
So, what do you think? I think, the general concept seems cool.. but for now, ChromeBook would only be used in US until they really go international. Oh, and since it's by Google, expect your Google accounts to be well integrated with ChromeBook.

    The Celcom vs Digi vs Maxis iPhone Package Comparison

    I bet many are trying to compare and contrast among the 3 main telco's in Malaysia now selling the iPhone package. Well, look no further because I have taken the liberty of comparing the lowest packages available by all 3 telco's for you. Check out the schedule below for the comparison:

     From the looks of it, Celcom seems to be offering the better package.  However, it remains a huge mystery when I made this comparison of what happens if you do exceed the 2GB data usage provided.  Also, Celcom benefits from lower charges for the 16GB iPhone 4 regardless of package, but I'd be extra careful on the monthly charges of RM98 which is a lot more expensive.  in additional to that, there has been rumors of Celcom's worsening service in both voice and data although no proof can be provided to date.

    Regardless of that, Celcom now leads the race for 'the cheapest iPhone package', and with the iPhone 5 rumored to be released soon, the race to win the smartphone market in Malaysia just got very interesting.

    Compare i5-2410M ASUS vs ACER Laptops

    When it comes to laptops, there is plenty of choices.  Here are two popular brands with Acer being the cheapest in the market, and Asus highly regarded as a prime brand.  Let's see how they compare:
    From what I can see, you are paying an extra of RM250 for the cool palm technology produced by Asus.  While I was impressed by the cool palm technology, I felt that it didn't serve its purpose as the problem of of heated palm occurred after a few hours of use although the keyboard area remained cool if compare to the Acer Aspire 4750G.  This fact must be taken info consideration as you are paying extra for this technology.

    On the other hand, Acer is well regarded as an unreliable brand, but I this fact I believe this is based on luck.  If you want a cheaper laptop, Acer is the best choice, but in terms of reliability and extra cost, Asus it is.

    Why Acer Aspire 4750G Is For You

    The Acer Aspire 4750G
    • 2nd Gen Intel Core i5-2410M Processor (2.3Ghz, 3MB l3)
    • Windows 7 Home Edition (64bit)
    • 500GB Hard Disk
    • 4GB DDR3 RAM
    • 14" HD LCD (Wide Screen)
    • Optimized Dolby Advance Audio v2 audio enhancement
    • 1GB DDR3 VRAM NVIDIA GeForce GT520M
    • Multi 5-1 card reader
    • Bluetooth 3.0+HS
    • Acer webcam
    • Integrated 8x DVD Super Multi Puls Drive
    • 4 USB ports
    • 6 Cell battery
    • 2.4 kg
    PRICE: RM2,249