New prefix comes with 8 numbers

The SKMM announced that there will be a new pre-fix for all mobile operators soon, which is 011.  According to details released, only numbers with this new prefix will have 8 numbers making it a combination of 3+8 numbers.  There is no specialty on this new move/number, except it would take you more effort to remember your buddies numbers which start with the prefix 011.

As for the rest of the prefixes (010, 012, 013, 014, 017, 018, 019), there will be no change in the number, and all benefits and services are as it is.

Time Broadband Packages

Time Broadband looks set to give other broadband providers a run with their money as they introduce their Time Fibre Broadband. The broadband is said to be running on TIME's state of-the-art fibre optic network which they claim to feature blazing download and upload speeds so you can chat, share files, watch high definition videos and do practically everything you've always wanted to do online, minus the lagging and waiting. According to reports, TIME's Broadband is capable of offering 50Mps access, which is much faster than the current 1Mbps provided by their rivals.  This makes TIME's Broadband the fastest in the country.  Packages on this new broadband can be seen below.
The Time Fibre Broadband package on December 2010

Previously, TIME also offered the standard ADSL Broadband at the below packages.
The Time Broadband Package (ADSL)

Unfortunately though, both of the packages do seem a little bit expensive if compared to rival local providers., and coverage is limited to certain areas in the peninsular at the moment. For more information, click here to go to the official website of Time Fibre Broadband.

DiGi Smart Plan Lite For Light Internet Mobile Users?

The New DiGi Smart Plan Lite
Digi launched their Digi Smart Plan Lite for subscribers wanting to have limited but cheap data service on their smartphones today.  The package which is believed to be aimed at less hardcore data users comes at a low RM33 for 300MB, which is half of the DiGi Smart Plan which comes at RM68 for unlimited usage.  Call, SMS and MMS rates remain the same with the initial Smart Plan.

Not much details are yet to be obtained, but it is believed that subscribers will have their speed throttled after exceeding the allocated 300MB offered by this plan.  Nonetheless, this latest data package will be much welcomed by internet savvy Malaysians, particularly those wanting to stay connected when they are on the go. More details available here.

Window 7 past 25% market share barrier

The news from Microsoft is that Windows 7 has not past the 25% market share barrier with Windows XP ownership slowly declining in its presence worldwide.  The stats come from
and it is widely believed that Windows 7 will soon rapidly replace Microsoft's Windows XP as the most influential Microsoft OS.

Windows 7, which has been touted as a worthy opponent to Apple's Mac seems to be gaining momentum of late, but most skeptics believe that the Mac still has an added advantage over the Windows, particularly in terms of branding and speed.  To help dent Apple's dominance in the mobile world, Microsoft recently released Windows Phone 7 which can be easily integrated with the Windows 7, something similar with Apple's iPhone and Mac.

No matter how it foes, time will tell who will be the winner.

HTC HD7 Unbiased Review

I secured the HTC HD7 phone from Maxis, being one of the first in Malaysia to actually use and try out the phone under the Maxis10 programme which is solely created to review new smartphones.

The HTC HD7 looks solid
Excited as I was, the HTC HD7 does give you bowls of excitement.  It's shinny, different and spanking new to the smart phone world, making it good for the daring to check out, and probably try out.  First impression wise will make you happy because you're getting something more than expected, especially when you know it's running on Windows Phone OS, which you may easily have guessed is from Microsoft.

Moving a little into the phone reveals that it is strangely made stronger that other smart phones.  You don't feel it's cheap, nor do you feel it's fragile.  You get a complete 'in control' feel when you have the phone in your grasp.

User Interface of the WP7 is different
The user interface was amazing.  Smooth tapping and swapping is evident the more you use the phone.  It made a very lasting experience.  Coupled with responsive buttons, and the ability to use voice recognition indeed makes this phone something Microsoft can be proud about.

And the beauty of this 4.3-inch phone doesn't stop there.  Large, vibrant screen displays, a 5.0 mega-pixel camera with auto-focus, seamless integration with Facebook via the People Hub, Xbox360 integration in its Games Hub, Microsoft Office integration with the Office Hub and many more spells just how wonderful this phone can be.  In fact, one of my favorite feature is it's battery life. Over 24-hours with wireless well connected! 

Recording in HD
The phone also does over average HD recording, and images captured with the 5.0 mega-pixel was better than expected.  The typing experience is indeed a joy as everything feels fluid enough to beat anysmart phone out there, while the sound system has been integrated with SRS for better experience.  The use of Zune to transfer data is easy to understand, making file transfers and app search peanuts for even beginners.

Unfortunately though, the phone does come with some short comings.  For starters, it's apps store (which is under the HTC Hub) is awful displaying only a few worthy apps.  The Games Hub which could defeat any smart phone gaming feature does come at a price, hence making it a total turn-off, while most apps, including those built specially for the Windows Phone 7 by pro developers do come with bugs, making all these apps seem unstable.

As far as the recommended software 'Zune' is concern, it is merely for file transferring and not for backing up date.  This is a hug dismay as you are over dependent on Microsoft for data back-up.

Exciting gaming with Xbox360
The long lasting battery life does come at a price as it takes forever to recharge the battery, while a lot of functions which should already be 'standard' in many smart phones are not featured in the WP7 OS.  The 5.0 mega-pixel camera turns white images to pink under low light conditions too.  This includes the 'cut and paste' feature, the ability to organize calls, file multi-tasking and customize ringtones.

Regardless of that, the HTC HD7 is a solid looking phone which will rock the world, provided that it gets the new upgrades it needs, most particularly in the apps segment.

Windows Phone 7 To Have Cut And Paste

It is reported that developer devices running on the Windows Phone 7 are having updates on some new awaited features, which  include the 'cut and paste' feature.  The new function is said to be ready in the 2011 update for the phone and a brief video below shows this function in action.