What To Do When Your Twitter Is Hacked, and Your Email Is Changed

Email from Twitter informing you that your email has been changed
 If you have received this email from Twitter (photo above) which basicly says that you have changed your Twitter account login email, but you never did so, do not fret.

TM Broadband with Netbook Package VS TM Standard Package & TM Combo Package

A few of you must be wondering why I am getting a free netbook. Now, the title is the reason. I am subscibing to the TM Broadband and Netbook package. It maybe the best broadband package available out there. Let's just talk about rates. The standard package of TM's Streamyx is shown below:

And if you are thinking of saving a bit, you could opt for their BLOCKBUSTER package which is shown below:

Right, so the new BLOCKBUSTER Package seems a lot cheaper, right?
Because TM is partnering the Malaysian Government to provide the "TM Broadband with Netbook Package" which offers you this rates:
Yes ladies and gentleman, the netbook is FREE, and on top of that, you get lower internet charges.  Maybe you are wondering how this is possible, well.. it's because the government has subsidised the price of the netbook and the broadband service.

I've signed up.. why not you?

p/s: if you are in town, your household must not have a maximum earning of RM5000 per month, while those outskirts must not exceed RM3000.  To get the package, go to the nearest TM Point and bring along your latest pay slip.

Download Data With Facebook

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg today told press that Facebook will now offer a new service to users, which is the ability to download and share data within groups they created. The release of this new option also comes with Facebook allowing its users to let people download all pictures, video, comments and other digital information they have uploaded to the social networking service.

In line with these new changes, Facebook will be rolling out a new dashboard to enable its users to control what they want to share with their peers.