iPad Plans from DiGi & Maxis

If you are planning to get an Apple iPad, two of Malaysia's major telcos are giving out the following plans for those intending to have data/internet access on their iPads:

For DiGi customers, you have 6 choices:
  1. DiGi Easy Prepaid (10sen/10kb, maximum RM3/day) Check it out here.
  2. DiGi Prepaid (10sen/10kb, maximum RM5/day) Check it out here
  3. Prepaid Internet (RM2/day) Check it out here.
  4. DiGi Broadband Discover Day Plan (RM38/month for 3GB quota). This is the best option for iPad. Only RM33/month when you sign up for autobilling. Full speed from 7am to 7pm (limited to 128kbps from 7pm to 7am, when you’re most likely to be on your home WiFi network).  Check it out here.
  5. DiGi MiFi (RM360 up front purchase for MiFi device, RM128/month for 16GB quota with rebates). This is the best option if you purchase the plain vanilla iPad with WiFi. You’ll be able to share access to DiGi Broadband with up to 5 devices, including your brand new iPad. Check it out here.
Note :
  • Existing customers can switch to an iPad-compatible microSIM for a one-time payment of RM20 from these outlets.
  • DiGi Prepaid, DiGi Easy Prepaid and Prepaid Internet microSIM are available for purchase at the DiGi Online Store
And as for Maxis customers, here's a better graphical detail for you since they already released the plans.
The Maxis iPad Prepaid plan

The Maxis iPad Postpaid plan
Choose your plans wisely.  One thing good to note is that Maxis has better coverage, but when DiGi says they are giving UNLIMITED DATA.. they really mean it, which is so unlike Maxis which has an unlimited cap on their data plans.  Both telcos have yet to say when they are actually going to sell the ipads, but we think it will be very soon.

YES 4G Now In Malaysia

Yes Broadband by YTL Communications is now available in Malaysia covering over 65% of West Malaysia.  According to reports, YTL plans to expand its network coverage to 80% by next year, and also penetrate Sabah and Sarawak.  This is indeed good as they are the first broadband or as they say it broader-band service to launch with such a wide coverage.

While tech savvy Malaysians are eager about the latest 4G offerings by YTL Communications, it's launched did hit a snag when their main website yes.my is inaccessible during launch time.  This was indeed a major blow for many, as skeptics were quick to rebuff Yes as the next big thing, hence putting direct 4G rivals, P1 ahead.

As for the rates, nothing concrete can be found on their website after it was fixed, except for the following image.
The Yes plans or rather plan
Apart from their confusing yet plain website, it seems that YTL Communications is still unprepared to say Yes to Malaysians.

With that said, there is a lot of things people in Yes needs to figure out and learn from other broadband providers as their plans seem to be very difficult to understand, hence making it hard for me to say yes to them.