The Desire S Review

Read on Engadet that they reviewed the Desire S, which is HTC's latest smartphone model slated to replace the Desire (I wonder what happened to Desire 2?).  Anyway, the phone looks amazing with it's aluminum body, and Engadget said that this phone is much better than the original Desire and is just so good esspecially with it's improved camera and battery life.  The question now is when this beauty would be available in Malaysia? Well, thanks Engadget, you just made me feel like I should now change my phone this year, and I just thought of getting a retractable car charger for HTC Desire which would leave my worries of low battery life away.

Celcom iPhone 4 Package

Celcom Biz plan starts at RM98 with 2GB data
While most are contemplating the arrival of iPhone 5, Celcom has finally revealed they are now also offering the iPhone 4.

Celcom's website revealed that they are giving the phone away for business plan users for a low RM248 with a two year contract (Celcom Biz), while individual plan (Celcom Exec) users may have to wait a little longer until they release details.

Those interested can however register their interest to know more about the individual iPhone plan here, as I do expect the Celcom plan to rival both Digi and Maxis iPhone plans.

Sony Tablet Reviewed

Sony S1 tablet (left) and Sony S2 tablet (right)
Sony today announced they are also going into the tablet market with their unique S1 and S2 Tablets. Both tablets are said to run on Android with the S1 is a slate design and has a 9.4-inch screen with 1,280 by 800 pixels resolution, while the S2 is a folding device equipped with dual 5.5-inch screens, each with 1,024 by 480 pixels resolution.

According to Sony, the S1 will have an infrared transmitter which means it can be used to control gadgets around the house. It will also supports the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). The S2 on the other hand would would be PlayStation Certified -- a new program from Sony Computer Entertainment that extends the PlayStation gaming platform to other devices.

With most tablets coming in one size, I'm very much interested with the S2 tablet as it can be folded as my main problem with tablets is the fact that they are bulky and big.

Comparison Between Well Known Intel i5 Processors In Malaysia

When it comes to selecting a laptop, many will be confused with the types of processors there are in the market. While every processor may seem the same, but many of us will wonder what's the other codes about. For example; Intel i5-460M and Intel i5-480M.  Which is better?

Well, I did a simple comparison and found out that there isn't much difference between i5-560M, i5-480M, i5-460M and i5-450M Intel processors.  The share practically the same traits and abilities except two, which are the clock speed (how fast the processor can perform an activity) and Max Turbo Frequency(How fast the processor can work with Inter Turbo Boost-which means maximizing your processor speed).  Nonetheless, the comparison I obtained also revealed that these 4 i5 processors does not benefit for the 2.0 version of the Intel Turbo Boost which would enable optimum usage performance.  

Based on that, the best and fastest processor among the 4 would be the i5-560M, i5-480M, i5-460M and finally i5-450M Intel processor.  These processors are normally well found in HP, Asus, Lenovo Toshiba and Dell notebooks.

Acer on the other hand seems to be using the i5-2410M Intel processor which has the 2.0 Intel Turbo Boost Technology, but this comes at a price as the i5-2410M has a low clock speed of 2.30Ghz.  This means that you can get an optimum clock speed if compared to the previous 4 i5 processors.  The i5-2410M processor also benefits from better graphic support and better memory specification.

With that said, it seems that the i5-2410M processor is the better option, and this is followed by the i5-560M.  Click the image to get the full comparison of the 5 i5 processors.

Apple Secretly Tracks Your Movement

In a surprise allegation, Apple is now said to be 'following' you via their devices secretly.  Sources over the internet say that your Apple device in particular the iPhone and iPad transmits your location , and hence making you vulnerable to stalkers.  This news deepens the fight for more privacy in the Internets border-less world, but how significant this finding would effect Apples dominance over the smartphone and tablet market remains unknown.

HTC Flyer Reviews

The tablet market got just a little more crowded with the Flyer introduced by HTC.  HTC, an international brand known for solid built smartphones is now trying to gain their piece of the tablet market with this 7" screen device which is taunted to boast an excellent gaming experience.  Is it better than the rest already in the market? Time will tell, but some have been very optimistic about HTC Flyers chances...

Apple Sues Samsung

I largely expected this to happen when I knew Samsung was producing 'Apple' alike phones in the Galaxy S phone.  Call Apple 'stupid', but it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if you ask someone to build your ideas, they would eventually steal it, and this was proven in Samsung and Apple battle.  Hey, I'm not implying Samsung did steal Apple's designs and patent, but there are HUGE similarities in their products. As a user of both products, I guess it's now time to sit back and relax, and look at these tech giants lash at each other.

Blackberry Playbook Review

The Blackberry Playbook has a catchy name.  It has a favorable size, but reviews online suggest that it is an unfinished product.  Whether this reviews are true is yet to be decided, but it seems that the tablet market is getting overcrowded nowadays with almost every mobile phone and computer producer trying to capture their share of the market.