Fastest Malaysian Mobile Broadband Is Maxis

A research by Mobile World concludes that Maxis is Malaysia's fastest mobile broadband provider beating its other two rivals, Celcom and Digi.  As a matter of fact, Digi came in second best, and Celcom proved they provided the slowest speeds available.  As indicated by the stats provided, Maxis championed practically every area where it was tested, and cam up ahead of the other two telcos when it came to site loading.  The report also noted that DiGi outclassed Maxis in the KLCC area and this came to a surprise, even to myself as KLCC also houses Maxis's headquaters.

3G iPad Starts to Sell

Apple has finally released the Apple 3G iPad which is the more expensive and better equip version of the tablet. Regardless of the release, the iPad is not expected to be available in Malaysia anytime soon as shipment to worldwide destinations has been delayed for a few weeks due to the so called 'huge demand' from the US itself.

Regardless of that, many Apple fans are excited about the iPad, and many have also suggested that it is the best replacement for their laptops.  The unofficial price of the iPad for the Malaysian market at the moment stands RM2012. For more information on the iPad, do visit Apple's official website.