iPhone 4 in Malaysia

DiGi and also Maxis have both declared recently that they will be bringing in the iPhone 4 by the end of this year.  The iPhone 4 which has been bugged by the signal reception problem is still a very much sought after smart phone in Malaysia where technology savvy lifestyle is on the boom.

For those interested to get the iPhone 4, get down to DiGi and Maxis websites respectively and sign in to state your interest.  I believe DiGi and Maxis are both using this survey to estimate the demand for the iPhone 4 to cut down losses due to over stock. Be reminded tough, stating your interest for the iPhone 4 is not your assurance to them that you are going to purchase the iPhone 4. It is just an indication that you may be interested.

What is The Difference between DVD R+ and DVD R-

There has been plenty of debate between  two empty DVD disc which are available in the market. One is the DVD+R and the other is the DVD-R.  Plenty of myths have been circling around on which is better, but here I am to say that they have no difference apart from their developer and who supports which disc.

DVD-R/RW was developed by Pioneer and is hugely supported by the DVD Forum, an industry-wide group of hardware and software developers, and computer peripheral manufacturers.