iPad 2 New Features

The iPad 2 is getting a lot of attention, and it's all thanks to the following featured:

  1. It's THINNER by 33%.  That makes it easier for you to bring around!
  2. It's FASTER with 2xA5 chips.  This means you get double the time you need to process data in comparison to the first iPad.
  3. TWO CAMERAS makes internet calls much easier.  It's not my favorite feature, but those loving internet calls would love this!
  4. SMART COVER will make the iPad 2 wake up when a magnetic enclosure is lifted, and it will otherwise when the enclosure is closed. This means battery is saved.
  5. 10 HOURS battery life span would make it one of the most portable tablets available in the market.
  6. Of course it's made LIGHTER for you to bring around.
  7. It's an APPLE product. Need to say more?

1 comment:

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